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Support Physical & Mental Health

Supporting Your Physical & Mental Health

Daily Habits to Add this Year to Support Health and Wellness

It’s a New Year, new goals, new challenges, new starts… one of the all time top resolutions we tend to always put on our list is health. We get it, life gets busy between working, events, family commitments, having a social life and trying to keep up with hobbies, so how do we find time for our physical and most importantly mental health? We’ve listed out a few things you can do on the daily to aid you in supporting your overall health and wellness.

Calling a Friend
While in our day to day lives we may get too busy to see our friends physically regularly, calling a loved one every day can help you feel a sense of community and belonging. This simple action can make all the difference, not only for you but even for the other person, it’s a win win all around, both individuals find that connection.

Touching Your Toes
Hitting the gym or going for a walk are always great ways to exercise, but also we need to remember to stretch our muscles. At least once a day, try taking 5 to 10 minutes to stretch your limbs and get your blood flowing. Yoga or Pilates is also a great way to engage core muscle groups while also aiding in flexibility and getting your body engaged. You don’t have to have a fancy workout video or special weights to simply stretch and engage your muscles.

Learn Something New
No longer in school? That doesn’t mean you should be done learning. Taking 15 minutes daily to choose an interesting article or book to read or listen to a podcast or video that can help you gain a perspective you may not have had before. Just like engaging your body daily is important you want to get those brain molecules engaged and firing.

Rest should not just occur when you are sleeping. Daily you should be doing something soothing for yourself, it could be reading a book in your favorite comfy chair with a cup of tea, taking a warm bath, snuggling with a partner or animal, walking your pup, meditating or even light yoga. Whatever that renewing resting time looks for you, make sure you prioritize it, you’ll thank yourself for taking that time because it will allow you to be more present in other tasks you have or your time with loved ones.

Grab yourself a nice journaling book and try to spend 10 minutes a day writing down your thoughts and feelings. This is a very helpful way to look back later and gain insight and perspective as well as allow your feeling, thoughts, worries to go from your head onto pages and be released. Don’t like to write? Try take photos, draw a picture—just do something creative you can look back on to mark the passing of time.

All in all we hope you make taking time to prioritize not only physical but mental health this year something on your agenda. Sticking to goals each year I think is something everyone can find challenging, and so making it simple and breaking it down to small daily steps to take can help accomplish the end result you are desiring. Ultimately how you feel about yourself is most important, and finding your own daily flow means figuring out what works and doesn’t work for you and your family. We simply hope this can be a guideline to achieve a healthy body and mind.


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