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ListaPalooza! April 10-16

The market right now is booming! But did you know that we are predicting a pristine time to list coming up really soon? Have you been on the fence thinking when you should list your home? Well now is the time.

Surge in Buyer Demand

We have been seeing an increase in buyer demands all across the board, more and more people are looking/ready to buy in all areas. The demand for homes for sale is therefore high as well.

High Home Prices

Homes currently are selling for top dollar with a lot of multiple offer situations. Our team makes sure to price your home properly and advise on which offers are the best options so that there is no snags that get run into with the appraisals before closing. A lot of people don’t know that pricing too high can turn out to hurt them in the closing process if the home does not appraise for that value.

If you want to learn more about the appraisal process or what your home is worth and what it could go for at top dollar get in contact with one of our agents for a free market analysis.

Quick Sales

Your home sitting on the market is RARE in this market, unless it is an extremely unique property and needs a specific buyer. If you have a traditional home then we look to have your home sold within a couple weeks. We are seeing homes going under contract within a week or even some the 24 hours. Our team prides ourselves on our marketing and advertising ahead of time so that when its time for your home to hit the market there are plenty of buyers waiting to view it, you may even get a offer before listing it active for sale, its not uncommon if you’re using the coming soon feature we utilize that you may receive an offer sight unseen. Of course this is not 100% but simply the trends we are seeing, each home sale is unique, but we work our hardest to get you a fast sale.

Less Competition

Inventory is at a low, with less homes available for sale since homes are going under contract so fast. This again helps with the quickness of the sale. With the added buyer demand and only a certain number of homes available this shines the spotlight on any homes coming on the market. Competing with other sellers isn’t as big of an issue these days, its more of a sellers market and homes are easily selling for top dollar and fast. That being said this doesn’t mean there is a free pass to not take the process seriously or that its simple as pie, no, we would still recommend the same as we did before and would prep your home accordingly to ensure that top dollar.

We hope this has been an informative short read to show the top reasons to list this upcoming month, especially April 10-16. Don’t hesitate to contact us, there’s no obligation, but we would love to talk through your options if selling is something you are wondering or want to learn more about


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