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Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends That Are Going Out of Fashion

The don’ts for kitchens in 2022

Kitchen are the heart of majority of homes nowadays, from preparing meals, family dinner time to get togethers and parties. Our kitchen is a familiar space that we don’t pay much attention to what it looks like after a couple years. But trends are shifting and aren’t what they use to be. Desirable kitchens today are sleek and practical. See what design experts say would be the top seven kitchen looks that are on their way out the door:

Non stainless steel. Kitchen appliances over the years have gone from white to black, to copper and back again. But the desired look today is the simple sleek look of stainless steel.

Short backsplashes. Backsplashes use to only reach up to six to eight inches above the countertop and have become outdated. Taking the backsplash all the way up to the upper cabinets creates a bigger, cleaner and more glamorous feel to your kitchen. And for the right price won’t break the budget! 

Distressed wood cabinets. This one can be controversial, but the distressed wood of older country style kitchens is being replaced by a more natural wood or white finishes. Still keeping with a country style. This can be per peoples tastes but what we are seeing is the cleaner woods and whites are more what majority of people are looking for.

Over the stove microwaves. Today’s families want necessities accessible for the entire family. When microwaves came into fashion, homeowners rather than put them on the counter wanted to save space so decided to place them over the stove. But now what most desire is redesigning their cabinets to move the microwave into a wall cabinet or even if possible an under-counter nook where smaller family members can reach it as well. 

Top-of-cabinet décor. Filling the space between the tops of your cabinets and the ceiling with accessories like artificial flowers or greenery just to collect dust is not very popular these days. Just remove them and give your kitchen a more open feel.

Hanging pots and pans. At one point in time kitchens portrayed in magazines had big, beautiful, hanging rack filled with copper or stainless-steel pots and pans to be openly displayed. But designers today are choosing to tuck them away in better made drawers or cabinet, creating more cleaner, minimalist lines. 

Kitchen desks. Upscale kitchen of the past featured convenient desk space or a little nook where you could sort the mail, pay bills, etc. But those tended to be more mess/clutter-collectors and are yesterday’s news. Instead creating home offices specifically for work are becoming more and more popular and give your kitchen its space back and more room for alternate storage options.

We hope that this read helps you understand where trends are going and how you can remain “in-style”. But we also want you to know that your kitchen is yours and you need to love it, if you like over the stove microwaves, hanging pots and pans, distressed woods, kitchen desks or any other items then you rock what you like for your home. Home is where your heart is and these are suggestions for those individuals who are looking to keep in the know about trends.

If you’re looking to make any improvements to your kitchen or home we strongly suggest before going full reno that you consult with an expert and have someone who is qualified tell you what can add value and where you don’t need to be spending your hard earned money. We have certified staging experts available on our team to help you with simply that, and we would love the opportunity to be invited into your homes and lives. Until then we hope you have a wonderful week!


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