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Top 5 Home Features Your Buyers Want to See

In this day and age buyers are attracted more to homes that offer a few key features specifically. Updating or trying to incorporate as many as these features can help your home stand out more as well as potentially get you top dollar. Though this may not completely apply to all buyers styles for the most part these next 5 features encompass what majority of clients/buyers these days do look for when it comes to investing in their first or next home.

  • Privacy

Privacy is becoming increasingly more important to homeowners, whether it’s a gated community, a condo with security, or your backyard enveloped by trees, this is a big feature everyone wants nowadays. With subdivisions popping up everywhere and homes being closer to one another the need for privacy measures has increased. A fenced backyard is a great feature to offer, for buyers who have pets or children this additionally helps with security. There are many different types of fences available that offer security and levels of privacy. If you’re looking to invest in a fence definitely look at all your options and maybe even talk to your neighbors who would be able to split costs if it helps partially fence in their own back yard as well. Landscaping can additionally provide the feeling of security and worth looking into if available.

  • Eco-Friendly

Conservation and more eco friendly home features is another big selling feature. Things like programmable thermostats are a great start by helping set temperature in the most efficient ways. If you’re building a home something to look for would be Fresh Air Ventilation systems. If you’re able to look into it Solar is a huge way to invest in sustainable energy for your home. By investing in sustainability, you’re increasing the value of your home.

  • Smart Tech

There has been a boom in home technology available these days and buyers love to see those available in a home they’re interested in. They see smart home technology as a way to save time while also delivering extra peace of mind.  Being able to check in on their home from anywhere or see who delivered a package via a RING or other type of Video Doorbell is a big plus. Looking into smart home technology can be another good place to start when it comes to improvements, with some being pretty inexpensive to add.

  • Proximity to Nature

This feature is more location which you may not be able to change with your current house location, but this is still great information to have and understand. Whether if you’re located in the city or the suburbs, communities with walking, hiking and biking trails will speak more to buyers nowadays. As well as ones near recreational parks for kids will be a bonus for families. Locating what’s near you and can be a huge help.

  • Home Office

Since Spring of 2020 the need for home offices has increased, with more and more people being able to work from their homes. Having a private room or designated workspace is conducive to their lifestyle. If you’re home doesn’t currently offer an office you can think about a few things… is there a space that you can add a desk to create that workspace area? Or maybe if your house has multiple extra bedrooms setting one up as an office instead of guest bedroom can be helpful in attracting or showing buyers what it could be used for.

Providing as many of these features in your home can help it stand out in todays market, these items can seem simple to some but can peek the interest of those looking to buy and that’s what you need. Definitely make sure you speak to your real estate agent about what you can do to improve the value of your home and/or make it stand out more when you list it before taking on any major home projects. We want to always allow you to get a return on your investments and every house deserves its own evaluation. Using this list as a guideline can be helpful and we hope this has been insightful for our readers.

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