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Brighten Up a Room

5 Ways To …

Brighten Up A Room

Do you have a room in your house that always seems dark no matter what you try or do? Perhaps it’s due to low ceilings or minimal windows. Maybe the walls are painted a darker color than you would like. Whatever the reason, we want to offer a few simple ways you can brighten the space.

Remove or minimize window coverings. A dark room will only seem darker with heavy window hangings/coverings. For choose coverings go for something light and gauzy, or just remove window coverings altogether to welcome the sunlight in all its glory.

Paint it white. From the ceilings to the floors, painting surfaces a white or off-white color will brighten your space. This might seem like a boring option and some may argue it can make the space cold and boring – but you can bring color and warmth with your decor as well as natural plants and such.

Add mirrors. We all know the old mirror trick can make a space seem larger, but did you know it can brighten it, too? Mirrors reflect light, so strategically placing mirrors means you will have more light reflected. This might mean a mirrored wall or just a mirror-topped coffee table. Its about what fits your space and style.

Remove (some) furniture. The less crowded a room is, the more space for light to bounce around. Try getting rid of any unnecessary furniture, bulky or clutter items.

Trim the trees. Okay, so you’ve cleared the curtains, added a large mirror and painted your walls white. Does the room still seem dark? Head outside and look for any trees or shrubs that may be encroaching on your sunlight. This may be the culprit as to why light isn’t getting to your room.

Whichever tips you choose to take back to your home from this we hope it has been an encouraging read and gets you thinking about simple things we as homeowners can do to have our rooms as inviting, calming and peaceful as possible without undertaking a big renovation. We also want to add that though these are great tips this doesn’t mean they are concrete and will work for every home/room/family, ultimately you need to find what works for you.

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