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    4 Benefits of Owning a Home

    By Office Administrator | March 21, 2023

    4 Benefits of Owning a Home Homeownership not only can build a sense of pride and accomplishment within individuals and families, but it’s also an important step toward achieving long-term financial stability. Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to as a homeowner. You Can Build Equity Over Time. Equity is... Read More

    Brighten Up a Room

    By Office Administrator | March 2, 2023

    Brighten Up A Room Do you have a room in your house that always seems dark no matter what you try or do? Perhaps it’s due to low ceilings or minimal windows. Maybe the walls are painted a darker color than you would like. Whatever the reason, we want to offer a few simple ways... Read More

    Heated Floors – Pros and Cons

    By Office Administrator | February 2, 2023

    Every Think about installing Heated Flooring? Heated flooring is a newer feature available in homes these days, while you may be considering adding heated flooring to your new home, there are a lot of questions to ask before you put your money into this luxury feature. If you’re looking for another level of comfort in... Read More

    Support Physical & Mental Health

    By Office Administrator | January 17, 2023

    Daily Habits to Add this Year to Support Health and Wellness It’s a New Year, new goals, new challenges, new starts… one of the all time top resolutions we tend to always put on our list is health. We get it, life gets busy between working, events, family commitments, having a social life and trying... Read More

    Buyers Want to See…

    By Office Administrator | October 25, 2022

    Top 5 Home Features Your Buyers Want to See In this day and age buyers are attracted more to homes that offer a few key features specifically. Updating or trying to incorporate as many as these features can help your home stand out more as well as potentially get you top dollar. Though this may... Read More

    Myths & Facts

    By Office Administrator | September 21, 2022

    Buying a Home: Myths vs Facts In todays society there are all kinds of conflicting advice when it comes to home buying… whether it’s from friends, neighbors, relatives or even a simple google search. This can leave you exhausted and confused at what to trust. Well we’ve done the work for you research wise, so... Read More

    Communication is Key

    By Office Administrator | June 14, 2022

    3 Communication Skills to Prioritize In an age where more and more of our communication happens from behind a screens, our face-to-face interactions probably need some TLC. Even if its just to brush up on skills you’ve already established but maybe are a little out of practice. The tips below can go a long way... Read More

    Gardening Skills to Master

    By Office Administrator | May 13, 2022

    Focus on these Simple Skills Spring is quickly turning into summer and creating a garden is an age-old skill pursued for several reasons; not only does it provide food and flowers and help you live in a more beautiful world, it also can be peaceful or even a workout at some points. Experienced gardeners say... Read More

    Choosing Houseplants

    By Office Administrator | May 2, 2022

    Go Green! Spring is in full swing, if you’re like us and want to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside but don’t know how exactly, getting yourself some house plants may be the perfect next step. Just like picking paint and furniture for your home is vital, it’s just as important to spend... Read More

    Kitchen Trends

    By Office Administrator | April 12, 2022

    The don’ts for kitchens in 2022 Kitchen are the heart of majority of homes nowadays, from preparing meals, family dinner time to get togethers and parties. Our kitchen is a familiar space that we don’t pay much attention to what it looks like after a couple years. But trends are shifting and aren’t what they... Read More